Refurbished Mac Grading

Refurbished Mac Grading

When you purchase from CheshireMacs you are offered assurance in relation to our refurbished Mac grading. This is part of why buying a restored Mac offers real advantages to a used Mac. If you purchase a used Mac, then it is unlikely that any of the following processes have happened.

We thoroughly test all of our used Macbooks and iMacs before they are offered. This process makes sure that they meet all the original specifications and functioning (the same as when new). You might read this and think ‘really?’ but this is why this market is doing so well. It offers you the opportunity of owning a Macbook or iMac at a fraction of the prices, with all assurances.

When we offer our products, we go into detail about our grading system. This allows full transparency and accuracy for clients to make their decision as to whether they wish to purchase any item.

Our Refurbished Mac Grading System

Grade A means that the item is in great condition. This grade range represents a huge majority of our product range. You get a fully working machine with minimal marks or scuffs at an amazing price.

Products may have very light cosmetic scratching/scuffs on the lid. The underside base panels might have slightly heavier marks or scratches. This is consistent with use and being placed on surfaces over time. CheshireMacs are very fair and strict on the grading but please remember these are not brand new so will have some signs of use, but anything deemed to look a little too worn is automatically graded as B.

Grade B means the item is in very good condition. The difference is that these products will have one small cosmetic issue. This will be shown in a photo attached to the product listing. This could be a heavier scratch or small dent. The advantage of selecting a Grade B product is that it will come with a discount.

​Grade C means the item is in good condition. Once again, the price offered for such a product will appropriately reflect its condition. This grade is good but more of a bargain. You will still get a fully working machine, but it may have more marks or deeper scratches than our Grade A.

There might be small dents or deeper scratches. Once again, we will attach a photo of anything that visually stands out with a description of why it’s a Grade C so you can see what you will be getting.

Have you got a question about buying a refurbished Mac? We would really welcome your call. Get in touch today on 01625 415088.

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