Our Bespoke Mac Repairs Process

David Hardy

We have created a bespoke Mac repairs process. This is based around tried and tested methods and techniques and identifying what works best for our clients. We are always on hand to offer support throughout the process. This makes sure that you are kept informed and aware of the next steps.

What is our Mac Repairs Process?

To start with, we guide our clients to complete a repair form on our website. This asks for your contact details, the serial number of the device and leaves a space for you to discuss your issue. We ask for as much detail as possible. Why? This allows us to provide an accurate and thorough quotation to complete the work. On completion of this form a repair number will be generated. From this point, a quote will be provided via email. This will detail the repair process and a price to complete this.

On occasions (i.e. water damage) we will not be able to quote until the fault has been diagnosed by one of our technicians.  We do a ‘no fix no fee’ so we would just arrange to return the Mac to you at cost of £15.00 if you chose not to go ahead.

Usually, a repair takes two to three working days. If for any reason it will take longer, we will contact you. Once we receive the Mac, if the fault is different to what was quoted, we will contact you with a revised quote. Every element of the process will be made to be transparent. If you choose to not go ahead with the revised quote, we will send the Mac back at the charge of £15.00.

If you not local and wish for us to arrange collection and return, we can do this via DPD for an additional cost of £30.00. Alternatively, you can arrange sending it in to us, but we will charge £15.00 for the return of the Mac on top of the repair quote. You will be contacted once the repair is complete by one of the team members to take payment over the phone.

We keep most parts in stock to make sure we are able to offer a fast turnaround for our clients. We realise that downtime with your device can cause disruptions. Therefore, it is our aim to get it back to you as soon as possible. All Mac repairs come with a three-month warranty. Got questions? Give our friendly staff a call on 01625 415088.

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Our Refurbished Apple Computers – Building Trust

David Hardy

When people are looking for refurbished Apple computers, they often find that it is easier to deal with a company who have a physical location. While there are many ways in which we are able to communicate online, sometimes being able to seek advice in person is really important. Especially when you are spending larger amounts of money.

So many of our clients comment on this. They also appreciate our friendly and helpful approach. While we have all of the technical information and details, it is important that we do not bombard you with all of this. Sometimes it can be too much and sometimes it can leave you feeling confused.

Buying Refurbished Apple Computers – What’s Important?

It is important that you carefully consider how you intend to use your Apple computer. Think about the packages you will be using and what space they will need. Do you stream movies or play computer games? Each of these factors may guide you in different directions when choosing the best device. One of our clients recently commented:

“So pleased to find a local company with a physical location for a refurb following some pretty awful experiences with online giants including music magpie and amazon. First class customer service, every message sent via chat was responded to immediately and so friendly. Advertised as Grade A the Macbook Pro is completely immaculate. I believe a member of staff went in on a day off over Christmas to arrange for this to be delivered the next day. No issues with set up so far. Brilliant service, many thanks.” – Kate B

All of our refurbished Macs come with a 12-month hardware warranty. Our refurbished Apple computers are all fully inspected and tested by our skilled technicians. This ensures quality and peace of mind. We are really proud of the reputation we have built, and our friendly team are equipped to help you with any questions you may have. Get in touch by calling 01625 415088 or email info@cheshiremacs.com.

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Saving Money with CheshireMacs

David Hardy

We are always looking for ways in which we can help our clients with saving money. With the connections that we have in the trade, we are able to pass on opportunities to save money. We often discuss the benefits we are able to offer through purchasing refurbished Macs. However, we also have stock of brand-new items.

It is our aim to pass on any savings. An example of this is our current stock of an iPad Pro (4th Generation). This is a brand-new iPad Pro model A2761. It has an Apple warranty until 8th May 2024. Got questions? This model has the following:

  • 11' Liquid Retina XDR Display
  • WiFi
  • Cellular
  • Silver
  • 1TB Storage

Furthermore, we are able to pass on a huge saving of over £300. We are listing this item for £1575 (RRP £1879). This is a really great opportunity to own a new iPad Pro and still benefit from our reduced prices.

Saving Money – An added benefit

We are also able to provide a further benefit of our current discount code for Spring. Get an additional 5% discount with the code SPRINGSALE.

Our team work hard to build our reputation as the most trusted source of refurbished Macs. We have worked hard to hone our knowledge base to become experts in our field. This really does stem from our passion for what we do.

Through time and experience we have been able to develop bespoke inspection processes. These are adapted for each of Apple’s product lines to ensure that absolutely every aspect of the device functions is inspected.

“Glad I found them! Having found CheshireMacs and if ever I have another problem with my Mac then I will always call upon them. They sorted the problem very quickly and at a very reasonable price...” Ray Bradbury

Whether you are looking for new items, refurbished Macs or support with your own device, please get in touch. We aim to be your one-stop solution and will provide a first-class service, without exception. Our team are here to help with any questions you may have. Get in touch by calling 01625 415088.

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Changing the Way We Buy Tech

David Hardy

Buying tech can seem like a minefield. In fact it can leave some people feeling like they are the only ones that don’t understand quite how to find what they are looking for. We are all led to believe that larger companies offer a better service, prices and quality. CheshireMacs are here to change the way people buy tech and are setting new standards for the world of refurbished Macs.

Rest assured that our service, prices and quality are some of the main focuses for our work ethic. It isn’t good enough just to have the products to sell. Refurbished Macs and refurbished MacBooks are sought after. But people want to buy from companies who can offer competitive pricing as well as a great service.

Our Process:

Each device that we sell is inspected and tested by our expert technicians. Our inspection procedure is comprehensive and exhaustive. It is important that we take our time to examine every element of the device in order to move it onto the next stage.

We work to check the screen and make sure there are no damaged pixels or issues with brightness, lines or blurriness. The device is also checked for imperfections such as scratches, dents or defects so that it can be appropriately graded.

Any issues or areas of concern will be thoroughly replaced, cleaned or sorted so that we have the confidence each element is working at its best.

The device is then thoroughly cleaned by hand. We restore the factory settings and confirm the grading that the device will be sold at. This process helps to define the cost at which the device will sell for.

We may be a smaller company, but we have large aspirations to change the way in which people buy tech. Our team will always go the extra mile and create a service that is hard to beat. Get in touch with any questions you have on 01625 415088.

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Finding Affordable iMacs and MacBooks

David Hardy

If you are looking for affordable iMacs or MacBooks then look no further. You have come to the right place, and we will explain why. There are huge pressures for families to provide their children with expensive technologies. These pressures do not just come from peers, but instead for academic needs. We all have the money to kit our children out with multiple devices, right? Not necessarily. However, this does not eradicate their need for devices to do their homework and online learning.

There are answers and support to enable you to find the most affordable iMacs and MacBooks though. This means that your children are not held back and are able to thrive in a more affordable manner.

How do I find Affordable iMacs and MacBooks?

At CheshireMacs, we offer the best quality Refurbished Apple computers. At the centre of this is the affordability to own an iMac or MacBook without a drop in quality or confidence. Our refurbished Apple Mac computers go through a rigorous process from start to finish. This ensures that every refurbished product will perform just as buying from new. Saving you money as well as giving you peace of mind.

Excellent coms and better than expected MacBook: Great communication on the online chat. The advisor was able to answer specific questions about the unit I was interested in which left me at ease about the purchase. Especially with having to return a unit to a different seller a few days previous due to damage and discoloration of the screen that was not mentioned in the the ad.
Really fast delivery and more than happy with the laptop and all round experience. Will definitely use Cheshire macs in the future and will highly recommend to anyone I know who's looking at a future mac purchase. Thanks again guys.”

We are also able to take affordability one step further with the help of Klarna. What is Klarna? Klarna offers flexible ways in order to pay for your purchase. This includes splitting the total payment over three months with 0% interest chargeable. They also offer the ability to pay in full in 30 days, leaving you more time to pay for a product you may need immediately. It is important to note at this point that the finance options are only available to those over 18.

An item that you purchase that is cheaper (or more affordable) should not come with a drop in quality or service. We work really hard to ensure each purchaser is confident in both what they are buying, and us as a team to support them. Get in touch today on 01625 415088.

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Tired of Technical Jargon?

David Hardy

Technical jargon can be really off-putting. There are some individuals that thrive on it, fully understand each element and know exactly what they are looking for. Other’s find it a minefield. This can mean that the search for a refurbished Mac is stressful and confusing. Our team are on hand to help with anything that you may need help with. We will work to explain things in a way that makes it easier to understand.

When we are selling a refurbished iMac or refurbished MacBook, we have to offer all technical information about the product. This will offer detail about the item’s processor, memory, graphics package and hard drive.

This information helps some buyers to make direct comparisons when looking at multiple items. Generally people know what some terms mean but with the fast-moving pace of the technical world sometimes get confused with all of the different technologies and packages.

The refurbished market is a great provision for buying a Mac without the full expense of a new machine. The cost of new Apple computers can provide a barrier for some people. They are great products but are undeniably expensive. An iMac or MacBook is an investment and will last a long time.

Care Tips for Your Mac

If you have purchased a refurbished Mac you will want to look after it. There are key tips to make sure you are correctly caring for your purchase. The following information has been put together to make this an easy routine to follow.

Use protective cases as much as possible. There are snap on cases, screen protectors and even keyboard covers. A combination of these will really work to protect your purchase and keep them clean and safe from damage.

Handle with care. MacBooks are durable but can be damaged with poor handling over time. It generally leads to wear and tear over time and will gradually loosen hinges.

Think about your battery. Batteries have come a long way. A battery should last around five years if used correctly. General advice is that you should not let your battery run empty or leave it plugged in constantly. Use of your battery between 30% and 80% is optimal.

There are further things that you can do to protect your investment including servicing the ports and protecting the power adapter. We are on hand to help and support you with any questions you may have. Give our team a call today on 01625 415088.

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Why Do Our Customers Come Back to Us?

David Hardy

Today’s customers are very savvy. Gone are the days where you can have a shop where people visit to purchase the item they are looking for. The Internet has opened up a world for research, comparison and information for anyone looking to make a purchase. Therefore, to succeed, you have to offer more. What might this include?

What customers are looking for:

It is important to be able to offer competitive pricing. If clients know your company or have had experience in dealing with you before, they may pay a little more. However, generally, customers will shop around. Buying online generally offers customers a lot of power. They can visit different sites and make direct comparisons when buying refurbished Macs.

Another important element is customer service. This comes into play in so many ways including pre-sale, during the buying process and also aftersales. Customers want to be able to make contact quickly and easily. They don’t want hurdles or barriers when making contact. Questions need to be answered promptly. Finding a company with an open and helpful approach really is worth its weight in gold.

Further to this is the need for a warranty when buying from an online outlet. Yes, we have a shop where people can visit, but generally people are buying online now so aren’t able to visit our store. If people are slightly hesitant then a warranty can offer great levels of reassurance. All of our refurbished Macs come with a 12-month hardware warranty and nothing leaves our store until it has been checked, checked and checked again. When you buy your refurbished Apple Mac from us, you can do so with 100% confidence.

Overall, our team work hard to carefully consider all of these elements. And use them as their ethos for delivering an exceptional provision. Feel free to contact us today on 01625 415088. We aim to be your turnkey solution for all your refurbished Apple iMacs, refurbished MacBooks and Mac repairs. Get in touch today.

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Is a Refurbished Mac a Good Idea for my child?

David Hardy

Are you considering a refurbished Mac for your child? If you are in this position it is really important that you invest time into identifying the best option for them. It is more than likely that if your child is of an age where you are considering a Mac, that they will already have a phone. A huge percentage of children are so advanced at using Apple devices from such a young age. It is a different world to where we were a decade ago. Therefore, it is more than likely that they can already identify and work their way around a Mac with ease.

A refurbished Mac will offer a huge cost saving. We all worry about our children using expensive devices. As much as we do try to make sure they appreciate the value of the item, accidents do happen. There are comprehensive insurance policies that you can take out to protect this. Any investment into a Mac is worthwhile protecting and a refurbished model is no different. However, the cost saving can be vast when finding the best model.

Online safety is a huge concern for our children. It is something that we have all had to improve our awareness on. All Apple devices are well-equipped to offer assurance to worried parents. Parental controls are easily accessible and there are clear and concise guidelines on how to set this up. There are different levels of protection, and we are always on hand to offered advice in relation to this.

Which Refurbished Mac is best?

There is no one standard answer to this question. To find the best alternative we will first need details on how your child aims to use the device. Listening to this information allows our knowledgeable team to identify which device will work best. Furthermore, we remain on hand to offer an ongoing customer service. Call today on 01625 415088.

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Our overview of the Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch 2019

David Hardy

One of our bestsellers is the 16-inch MacBook pro 2019, it's a brilliant, versatile machine suitable for a variety of uses and with a good sized screen for photo editing and video editing.

Take a look at our video below which highlights a few key points.


We always stock a number of these as they are so popular - take a look here.

Shop Now with confidence with our 5 star TrustPilot RatingFree Delivery and 12 Month Warranty.

Need Reassurance?

"I’m very pleased with my purchase of a MacBook, the product was as described & dispatched the next day after ordering. It arrived by courier & I was kept informed of expected delivery. From my experience I would recommend this company." - Kim

CheshireMacs are a reputable and trustworthy company. When it comes to quality of repair and our dedication to customer service, we are proud to say that our reputation for excellence precedes us. Our team specialise in the repair and sales of Apple products. We have over 20 years of experience to our name, we know exactly how to exceed our customers’ expectations.

All of our refurbished Macs come with a 12-month hardware warranty. Our refurbished Apple computers are all fully inspected and tested by our skilled technicians. This ensures quality and peace of mind.

Need Advice?

If you would like more advice on which Mac would best suit your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us - we have an online chat on the website, you can call us or email us, or if you're local drop in! We will always go above and beyond to make sure you receive the best possible service.



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Can You Use a MacBook for Gaming?

David Hardy

If you are considering using a MacBook for gaming, then we hope the following information is helpful. Apple MacBooks have a great reputation for their build quality. Furthermore, they are well-suited to many creative packages. Historically, gamers have generally used PCs. Whether these are more-standard models, or custom-built alternatives, they offer an incredible experience for gamers.

In times gone by, Macs had more rigidity in relation to not being able to upgrade their spec. Plus they did tend to be more expensive and some games were incompatible with macOS. Therefore, Apple really could not compete to offer a viable solution for those wanting to use Apple computers.

Fast forward to more recent years and the gaming industry has changed so much. It has come a long way and even the way in which people play games has altered. The popularity of online gaming has played a large role in this transformation. Furthermore, it has opened up an entire world of new players and interactivity.

Generally, the population of Apple users are steadfast in their use of Apple devices. They would ideally prefer to use Apple due to their functionality, usage and interconnectivity. Therefore this has forced the hand a little in persuading game developers to increase availability of games to Apple. A large majority of games are now supported by the Mac.

Would we Advise a MacBook for Gaming?

As with many things, there are certain factors to consider. Modern Macs are incredibly capable when it comes to gaming capabilities. They have carved the way for creative professions and set an industry standard. They also offer the versatility that you have the one device for all your needs. This offers great convenience if this is how you will use your device.

However, if you are solely using your device for gaming then it may be that a custom-built PC alternative is better suited. You will be able to design and upgrade different elements that will support your gaming needs. It is important to remember that although the market for this niche is vast, generally people are looking for multi-functional methods to complete all tasks and therefore would lean to a device that can support that.

Our advice to you is to always check the compatibility of your device to the games you are looking to play. A lot of information is available on the individual game websites. They will offer advice on what hardware is recommended and what is absolutely necessary to play the game. We are on hand to offer valuable information and advice in relation to which refurbished Mac will work best for your needs. Feel free to get in touch by calling 01625 415088.

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