Tired of Technical Jargon?

Tired of Technical Jargon?

Technical jargon can be really off-putting. There are some individuals that thrive on it, fully understand each element and know exactly what they are looking for. Other’s find it a minefield. This can mean that the search for a refurbished Mac is stressful and confusing. Our team are on hand to help with anything that you may need help with. We will work to explain things in a way that makes it easier to understand.

When we are selling a refurbished iMac or refurbished MacBook, we have to offer all technical information about the product. This will offer detail about the item’s processor, memory, graphics package and hard drive.

This information helps some buyers to make direct comparisons when looking at multiple items. Generally people know what some terms mean but with the fast-moving pace of the technical world sometimes get confused with all of the different technologies and packages.

The refurbished market is a great provision for buying a Mac without the full expense of a new machine. The cost of new Apple computers can provide a barrier for some people. They are great products but are undeniably expensive. An iMac or MacBook is an investment and will last a long time.

Care Tips for Your Mac

If you have purchased a refurbished Mac you will want to look after it. There are key tips to make sure you are correctly caring for your purchase. The following information has been put together to make this an easy routine to follow.

Use protective cases as much as possible. There are snap on cases, screen protectors and even keyboard covers. A combination of these will really work to protect your purchase and keep them clean and safe from damage.

Handle with care. MacBooks are durable but can be damaged with poor handling over time. It generally leads to wear and tear over time and will gradually loosen hinges.

Think about your battery. Batteries have come a long way. A battery should last around five years if used correctly. General advice is that you should not let your battery run empty or leave it plugged in constantly. Use of your battery between 30% and 80% is optimal.

There are further things that you can do to protect your investment including servicing the ports and protecting the power adapter. We are on hand to help and support you with any questions you may have. Give our team a call today on 01625 415088.

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