Why Should I Choose a Mac?

David Hardy

If you are wondering whether you should choose a Mac over a PC, then join the debate. There are never-ending views as to whether MacBooks and iMacs are a better alternative to PC’s. You will get some people that feel fiercely about their opinion. You will also get those who are willing to listen to both sides.

The following information has been put together to allow you to make an informed decision on what is best for you as an individual.

Are Macs a more cost-effective solution in the long run?

You may find some that argue that the cost of purchasing a Windows PC does cost less. However, a better-rounded identifier would be to evaluate other elements such as the residual value after you sell it or trade it in and how long you are able to keep it. As a direct comparison, you will likely get much more for your Mac.

Are Macs simpler to purchase?

A lot of our clients discuss the complexity of buying a PC. They feel like there is too much choice. Not only in makes, models, speeds and sizes but also in terms of other alternatives. This all seems ok if you understand the jargon. However, if, like most it becomes daunting then you will likely side with those who feel it is easier to narrow down your search with a Mac. Our friendly staff are on hand to help you find the best solution for you. No pressure and no hard sales, just friendly advice.

Have Macs got the edge on Virus Control?

Some would say that if you look into it that Apple has gained more ground on virus control that Microsoft. Comparatively, Mac users still seem to be living with less viruses, malware and spyware. Generally, Mac users often say that it is much less of a problem than those using Windows.

Are Macs more Stylish?

Macs are instantly recognisable. They have style and elegance, and their quality is second-to-none.

The list really does go on. There are so many comparative elements, and the truth is that you have to find the best solution for you. Refurbished Macs are another alternative to finding a cost-effective solution. You can find out more information on our guide to buying a refurbished Mac here.

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Refurbished iPads

David Hardy

Refurbished iPads are another way in which you can purchase an Apple iPad but at a fraction of the cost of new. Some believe that the price of Apple devices is inflated. Our belief is that they have an incredible reputation and are widely used and sought-after solutions. We are at a place now where each household is likely to have multiple iPads.

Over the years new iPads have been launched and released. People have evolved with Apple products as different sizes and alternatives have been developed. It is important that you keep up to date with software updates on your iPad as many of the devices get to a point where it is no longer simply a click of the button option but becomes more complex in the way in which software updates can be completed.

We have also known clients to have iPads that are so old that they are completely unable to update the software. This may seem ok as long as the iPad is running in the way in which you need it to. However, you will find you will come across major issues when looking to get new apps or installing anything at all on your older iPad.

Refurbished iPads – A Brilliant Solution:

If you look into it, Apple usually supports a new iPad with software updates for at least five years. Some believe this is how long an iPad should last. In fact, they will last several years longer. Depending on how you use your iPad, performance, features and storage should last if you maintain your iPad well.

A refurbished iPad is a brilliant solution if you are looking to upgrade. We offer a 12-month warranty with all of our refurbished Apple devices. Our friendly and supportive staff are also on hand to help with any questions you may have both before and after purchasing from us. Customer service and going above and beyond is part of our passion for delivering a great service.

One of our clients commented:

“Super friendly, and excellent tech skills. Much better than other tech shops I’ve used and I will definitely use them again. Highly recommended.” – Jo Oughton

Got questions? Get in touch and we will be happy to help on 01625 415088.

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The Gift of an Apple Mac

David Hardy

The invention of the Apple Mac and other Apple devices completely transformed the way we use our laptops, computers and tablets. The truth of the matter is that they are incredible and offer users a great, high-quality experience. So many often comment on people having multiple devices and how youth are always having a device in their hand. The world has changed and its time to start embracing that!

As we approach Christmas, parents everywhere are starting to look for guidance with a present. While our kids may not quite understand the value of money when asking for the latest tech, it is important that they have what they need.

Why an Apple Mac?

Although there are many different types of phone types out there, it is very likely that your child will have an iPhone. Whether it is the latest model or not, they will be very familiar with how to use it. It is much easier to connect and swap between Apple devices. This is often a large reason why parents select an Apple computer over another make. That and their reputation based around being the best on the market.

At CheshireMacs we have come up with a great system where you can split the cost of a refurbished Mac or iPads over 3 months. You are able to purchase through Klarna. This, put simply, means that you can spread the cost of the item without any interest charges over 3 months.

Buying an Apple iMac, MacBook or iPad really is an investment. Every item sold by us leaves us with a 12-month warranty and free delivery. We are a small-business, and a large part of our professional reputation is based around the high-quality service we offer. To us, your opinion matters, and the purchasing process is important to get it right.

Thinking of giving the gift of an Apple Mac this Christmas? Get in touch and we will endeavour to do our best to find the absolute best solution for your needs. Call today on 01625 415088 or email us on info@cheshiremacs.com.

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Buying a Mac for a Student

David Hardy

If your child is starting high school or university this month then it is not too late to set them up with a MacBook from us. The following information will work towards showing how a MacBook can be considered a really good investment.

Buying a refurbished MacBook from the right company is an exceptional opportunity. It is not necessary to purchase a brand-new MacBook. Why? All of our refurbished Macs come with a 12-month hardware warranty, and nothing leaves our store until it has been checked, checked and checked again. When you buy your refurbished Apple Mac from us, you can do so with 100% confidence.

Buying a Mac for a Student – will it last?

With the above warranty and confidence, the worry of purchasing a refurbished Mac is completely eliminated. You can be rest-assured that it will see them right through their studies and beyond. Children are so used to Apple devices through personal use and use in school, that they are already very familiar with their set-up.

We sell refurbished Macs which perform like new but are much easier on the bank balance. Please note we also accept Klarna which allows you to purchase and spread the cost over 3 months. We really have thought of everything.

Our stock is always updated on our website but if you have a question or a specific product, please do get in touch by calling 01625 415088.

Things To Consider:

Screen size and portability: Apple has two laptop lines including the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. These are available in different screen sizes and weights (newer models do weigh less than older ones). If this is a big consideration for you then it is important to get the model right.

Processor speed and RAM: it is really sound advice to purchase the best processor speed and RAM your budget will allow. A bigger processor will be better for those considering using their MacBook for creative work or larger programmes.

Don’t forget that you can use external storage options. This isn’t for everyone so may not work for you but is worth considering when you are looking at storage.

And lastly, don’t forget to buy a case and screen protector. While a MacBook is beautiful, it can also be fragile. A case and screen protector can work to offer great protection while carrying your MacBook around.

Got questions? Do you qualify for a Student Discount? Get in touch today and our helpful team will be happy to help.

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Making Owning a Mac Affordable

David Hardy

A Mac computer has an incredible reputation for being the best out there. There are many reasons for this, and we are proud of this fact. Whether you are running a busy family home or want to branch out professionally, we will have the perfect solution for you.

If you need help, our staff are able to support you through a checklist of items. This offers you confidence and assurance that your selection is the absolute best alternative for you.

Buying a Refurbished Mac

Do you need a new Mac for photo editing? We have a large range of Macs that will work perfectly with Capture One Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and many other imagery programmes. You also have the assurance that your refurbished Mac will work with any other software that you may use.

What Benefits Can We Offer?

  • We offer refurbished Macs that don’t break the bank
  • We are able to offer free next day delivery
  • CheshireMacs have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. These are independent reviews of clients who have used our company.
  • Klarna is available to spread the cost of your new purchase
  • We offer excellent customer service, without exception
  • Your purchase is backed by a 12-month warranty
  • We can offer a student discount should this be applicable

Further to this, an element that sets us apart from our competition is our friendly team. We all share a real passion for what we do and building a company that serves our clients well. This may be in the form of helping with a quick question or supporting someone through the purchasing process. No question is a silly question, and we work hard to ensure you are confident in your purchase selection.

Got a question? Need help with buying a new Mac? Call today on 01625 415088.

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How Much Mac Storage Do I Need?

David Hardy

Mac storage is a part of our business that we get asked a lot about. It is a topic that is very individual. Therefore, your approach to answer this question needs to follow this thought. Some ask whether it is possible to upgrade the storage capacity on your existing device. The answer is that this process is complicated and complex to complete on most Macs.

Storage capacity of newer Apple Macs tend to come configured with storage ranging from 128GB up to 8TB. This is a huge variation. When people are considering how much storage they need, they are looking for an option where they will not run out of storage. However, they are also looking for an option that has too high of a specification. Why? Because this will inevitably cost more.

Calculating Mac Storage Space

It is really important to make sure that you select an option where you will not run out of space in the future. Consider whether you are transferring your existing data. If this is the case, then you will need to calculate your existing data and allow for future room to grow. Generally, you should be able to calculate how long you have used the Mac for how much storage you have used. You should also consider whether you anticipate your usage to be similar.

To check your storage on your existing Mac you can go to the Apple menu in the corner of your screen. Select ‘About This Mac’ and click on ‘Storage.’ This image will offer an insight into how much storage you have used so far.

Top Tips

Keep in mind that this may seem like the logical thing to do. However, it may not be the smartest thing to do. You may not need all of your old files, programmes and folders. Take it as an opportunity to run through everything you have stored on your Mac. Clean things out prior to transferring information, if this is a process you need to do. 

Another tip is to take advantage of external storage or cloud storage alternatives. You may have thoughts on which is better suited to your needs. However, either or both can be used to keep your storage limits down. Furthermore, this keeps your Mac working faster and less likely to become affected by the issues created with having a Mac that is almost full.

A Quick Key

If you are a relatively lighter user, it is likely that 128GB-256GB will be adequate. Stepping up to 512GB-1TB may be needed if you use professional apps such as Adobe Photoshop or other CAD programmes. Generally, this storage would be more than adequate. However, there is a 1TB+ alternative, if additional storage is needed.

Got a question? Need help with buying a new Mac? Call today on 01625 415088.

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Refurbished Mac Grading

David Hardy

When you purchase from CheshireMacs you are offered assurance in relation to our refurbished Mac grading. This is part of why buying a restored Mac offers real advantages to a used Mac. If you purchase a used Mac, then it is unlikely that any of the following processes have happened.

We thoroughly test all of our used Macbooks and iMacs before they are offered. This process makes sure that they meet all the original specifications and functioning (the same as when new). You might read this and think ‘really?’ but this is why this market is doing so well. It offers you the opportunity of owning a Macbook or iMac at a fraction of the prices, with all assurances.

When we offer our products, we go into detail about our grading system. This allows full transparency and accuracy for clients to make their decision as to whether they wish to purchase any item.

Our Refurbished Mac Grading System

Grade A means that the item is in great condition. This grade range represents a huge majority of our product range. You get a fully working machine with minimal marks or scuffs at an amazing price.

Products may have very light cosmetic scratching/scuffs on the lid. The underside base panels might have slightly heavier marks or scratches. This is consistent with use and being placed on surfaces over time. CheshireMacs are very fair and strict on the grading but please remember these are not brand new so will have some signs of use, but anything deemed to look a little too worn is automatically graded as B.

​Grade B means the item is in very good condition. The difference is that these products will have one small cosmetic issue. This will be shown in a photo attached to the product listing. This could be a heavier scratch or small dent. The advantage of selecting a Grade B product is that it will come with a discount.

​Grade C means the item is in good condition. Once again, the price offered for such a product will appropriately reflect its condition. This grade is good but more of a bargain. You will still get a fully working machine, but it may have more marks or deeper scratches than our Grade A.

There might be small dents or deeper scratches. Once again, we will attach a photo of anything that visually stands out with a description of why it’s a Grade C so you can see what you will be getting.

Have you got a question about buying a refurbished Mac? We would really welcome your call. Get in touch today on 01625 415088.

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A Guide to Buying a Refurbished Mac

David Hardy

Buying a refurbished Mac should be a straightforward process. It is generally quite commonly known that Apple sometimes outprice their products for a percentage of the market. It is a whole other argument as to whether this can be justified, so we won’t start that one now. The market that we have created in refurbished Macs has completely transformed this school of thought.

It is a real struggle if an item is unaffordable for a lot of people. More and more people are opening their minds to the thought of purchasing a refurbished Apple Mac model. While this is great for so many reasons, there are also elements of the process that you should be aware of. Nevertheless, this guide will help you make an educated decision.

Buying a Refurbished Mac

Firstly, it is important to pay attention that you are purchasing a refurbished Mac and not a used Mac. If you are looking for a refurbished alternative then it is worth investing time, reading into what you are buying. A used Mac will be just as it describes. These will have had no (or little) work done to them prior to resale. This is not the case with a refurbished Mac alternative.

Secondly, is the fact that you may have less choice. Refurbished items only become available when we have sourced them. If you are looking for particular things, then it is worth getting in touch with us to ask us about these. We will be able to guide you through to the best product that matches your needs and that we will have in stock. However, it is important to remember that some feel it is easier to make a decision faced with less choice.

Thirdly, is the fact that you can be assured that the drive will contain no old user data or information. When we prepare a refurbished Mac, we will completely wipe the storage disk. This is more in depth than just deleting stuff. It means that we format the entire drive and reinstall the operating system.

Lastly is that refurbished computers will not necessarily be in perfect condition. There is a widely used grading system which offers you full details of any imperfections. This is, once again, in the aim of being open and upfront. This is really important for our clients and why we get so many good reviews.

For lots of people, buying a refurbished Mac makes more sense than buying a new one. Call 01625 415088.

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Finding An Apple Repairer

David Hardy

When you are searching for an Apple repairer there are certain things that you should look out for. The process of finding a specialist should be as stress free and straightforward as possible. When it comes to Apple repairs, our dedication to customer service is second to none. We are proud to say that our reputation for excellence precedes us.

Apple Repairer – What Should I look for?

There are certain elements that you should look for. At no point should there be any need to compromise or feel like you may not be making the right decision. Your chosen company should fill you with confidence at every opportunity. With over 20 years of experience to our name, we know exactly how to exceed our customers’ expectations.

You should look for a company with an online presence. Have they got a website? Have they got information and details about the services they provide? Their website should contain information and details that provide value to you as a customer.

Further to this, your chosen Apple repair company should have varied ways of getting in touch. We all lead busy lives, and it is therefore important that you are able to find a method of contact that is suitable for you. Some like to speak with someone and others find it easier to email.

Specialising in the repair and sales of Apple products, we offer both an in-store service at our local shop in Wilmslow, Cheshire as well as online repairs too, with everything being backed by our one-year hardware warranty.

Another aspect that should be looked into is finding independent reviews and testimonials. Your chosen company should have a range of these. Each of which should provide you with confidence and reassurance.

Dedicated to offering you a level of professionalism that is often lacking in our area of expertise, we only ever aim to please. If you would like to enquire about repairing your Apple device, please get in touch by calling 01625 415088.

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Repairing Apple Devices

David Hardy

Repairing Apple devices can sometimes be the source of stress for people. They have heavily invested in an Apple product and need help to repair it. No one really considers repairs when you first buy a product. However, if you find yourself out of warranty and struggling to get help, we are here to offer comprehensive Apple repair services.

It may be that you have tried to source help from Apple unsuccessfully or it may be that you are looking for local support. This is a big reason why people choose our team and CheshireMacs. People like to feel that their issues matter and that they can discuss them in detail with a person.

Repairing Apple Devices – Why Choose Us?

We offer a free diagnostic service. This is completed prior to proceeding to fix any Apple repairs. We invite our clients to provide us with as much information and detail as possible. This allows us quick entry and investigation into the problem.

Our team are experienced, fully trained and passionate about our clients. This combination has allowed us to build up a trusted local reputation. A lot of our clients hear about our services online or via our Social Media accounts. After meeting us, they become customers for life. Part of this is building rapport with them and using every opportunity to build their trust.

Our clients can also send their device to us via a courier service. We can arrange collection of your item by DPD. We provide a prepaid label; however, it is important to remember that our clients are responsible for the safe packaging of their item. Our team are happy to offer advice in relation to this, but it is a really important element of the process.

We appreciate that your computers and devices are a vital part of your everyday routine. Our team aim to turn around your repair as quickly as possible. In some cases, depending on the issue, the repair can be completed on the same day. For anything that will take longer, we will make sure that you are kept updated in relation to its progress.

If you are looking for Apple repairs in Cheshire, please get in touch by calling 01625 415088.

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