How Much Mac Storage Do I Need?

How Much Mac Storage Do I Need?

Mac storage is a part of our business that we get asked a lot about. It is a topic that is very individual. Therefore, your approach to answer this question needs to follow this thought. Some ask whether it is possible to upgrade the storage capacity on your existing device. The answer is that this process is complicated and complex to complete on most Macs.

Storage capacity of newer Apple Macs tend to come configured with storage ranging from 128GB up to 8TB. This is a huge variation. When people are considering how much storage they need, they are looking for an option where they will not run out of storage. However, they are also looking for an option that has too high of a specification. Why? Because this will inevitably cost more.

Calculating Mac Storage Space

It is really important to make sure that you select an option where you will not run out of space in the future. Consider whether you are transferring your existing data. If this is the case, then you will need to calculate your existing data and allow for future room to grow. Generally, you should be able to calculate how long you have used the Mac for how much storage you have used. You should also consider whether you anticipate your usage to be similar.

To check your storage on your existing Mac you can go to the Apple menu in the corner of your screen. Select ‘About This Mac’ and click on ‘Storage.’ This image will offer an insight into how much storage you have used so far.

Top Tips

Keep in mind that this may seem like the logical thing to do. However, it may not be the smartest thing to do. You may not need all of your old files, programmes and folders. Take it as an opportunity to run through everything you have stored on your Mac. Clean things out prior to transferring information, if this is a process you need to do. 

Another tip is to take advantage of external storage or cloud storage alternatives. You may have thoughts on which is better suited to your needs. However, either or both can be used to keep your storage limits down. Furthermore, this keeps your Mac working faster and less likely to become affected by the issues created with having a Mac that is almost full.

A Quick Key

If you are a relatively lighter user, it is likely that 128GB-256GB will be adequate. Stepping up to 512GB-1TB may be needed if you use professional apps such as Adobe Photoshop or other CAD programmes. Generally, this storage would be more than adequate. However, there is a 1TB+ alternative, if additional storage is needed.

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