Mac Repairs

David Hardy

The service for Mac repairs is a really incredible provision. CheshireMacs are experts and fixing Macs. We offer affordable and reliable Mac repair services. The process is simple and straightforward and starts with you getting in touch. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your Mac issues or you can bring your Apple device to our shop. We will then look to offer free diagnostic service to offer your further details.

Knowledge is power and we always offer an open service. This makes sure that you, our client feels assured throughout the process. It may sometimes feel like a nerve-racking process, so it is part of our job to make sure that this is minimised. We feel confident that once you speak to us or meet us, that you will be instantly reassured.

Mac Repairs – Our Services

We offer a range of Apple Mac repairs. Each of which is designed to offer a solution for all needs. We offer both repair and support for our clients. Our services are designed to cater for customer’s everyday needs. What can you do to prepare for our repair service?

Firstly, it is really important to provide us with a really thorough description of the problem you are experiencing. This allows us to document everything correctly. A detailed description with as much information as possible will give us the best opportunity to fix the issue exhaustively. Letting us know when the issue started, whether it is intermittent or constant and what happens will direct us as to where to start looking to diagnose the repair.

Our Top Tips:

It is incredibly unlikely that a qualified technician will lose data when completing a repair. However, it is always a good idea to back up your data (if possible). We realise that valuable and irreplaceable data will often be stored on your Mac. Therefore, it is a good habit to get used to by backing up your data to an external hard drive or online storage system.

Another general top tip is to take a note of any log in details or software details. Again, it is advisable to ensure that these are kept in a safe and secure manner. Got questions? We are always on hand to help. Call us today on 01625 415088.

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Refurbished Macs; is this a niche market?

David Hardy

It is interesting to consider the question as to whether refurbished Macs are a niche market. A niche is defined as “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.” There are certainly different ways to look at this. At CheshireMacs, we provide the highest-quality service. When it comes to quality of repair and our dedication to customer service, we are proud to say that our reputation for excellence precedes us.

However, to make the assumption that customers looking for refurbished Macs are a niche market underestimates the intelligence and growth prospects of this particular market. Why is this? Clients that use our services are not just looking for a cheaper alternative. There are a range of reasons why they feel a refurbished iMac or MacBook is what they are looking for. Furthermore, our clients are likely to have invested time into finding both the correct product for their needs as well as the right Company.

The trick to expanding this market, which may have at one time been considered niche, is education. Providing our existing and potential future clients with information allows them to make informed decisions.

Refurbished Macs – Education is key

It is really important that our clients know that our refurbished Apple Mac computers go through a rigorous process from start to finish. This ensures that every refurbished product will perform just as buying from new. Saving you money as well as giving you peace of mind.

Furthermore, all of our refurbished Mac computers come with a 12-month hardware warranty. Nothing leaves our store until it has been checked, checked and checked again. This means that when you buy your refurbished Apple Mac from us, you can do so with 100% confidence.

We are extremely proud to see the huge growth of this market. With over 20 years’ experience we have worked hard to provide valuable information about our products while offering a friendly and professional service. Have you got questions about buying a refurbished Mac? Please get in touch today.

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Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

David Hardy

This list of Apple keyboard shortcuts has been created to save time. It is incredible how many people use their iMac and MacBooks and do not know these simple shortcuts. We are all constantly reminded that time is money. We all lead busy lives. And we could all do with a quick-reference list of helpful shortcuts that could save us a little time.

What are your Favourite Apple Keyboard Shortcuts?

There are always ones that people use more regularly than others. However, if you regularly use your Mac, then it is really important that you are familiar with the range of shortcuts that are available.

One of our clients commented:

“Found the online chat very helpful, honest and informative which made me decide to go within this company. Glad I did, it arrived very quickly and so far has been excellent. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a Mac for music.”

This review shows our efforts to be helpful and approachable to anyone looking for advice. We have many ways in which you can get in touch with us. Whether you are looking to buy a refurbished Mac, or you are looking for help with servicing or repairs, we are here to help.


Refurbished Apple Macs
Apple Mac Servicing is an incredible process. It is a provision that allows our clients to get the most from their Apple Mac. As with so many other electrical devices, regular care is always good advice. As time goes on you can often feel as though your Mac is losing performance. This is a clear indication that it is in need of a service.


Both our products and services are competitively priced. We will always go the extra mile to help and support our clients through a range of ways that they can get in touch. You can choose to chat online, give us a call or enquire via our website. Don’t delay – get in touch.

Another client commented:

“So far, so good! :) I messaged on both the FB chat and the online chat with some questions about their products and both times they were really helpful. My Mac came really fast and in secure packaging, had to sign for it on arrival. Happy with the Mac, set up easy and all good! Both me and my sister have purchased from Cheshire Macs and really happy! Thank you :)”

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Key Benefits of a Refurbished Mac

David Hardy

It might sound like a given that we believe that a refurbished Mac is the way to go. However, we also realise our word may also need to be backed by a little detail. It may be that you are looking for a new iMac or MacBook or you may even be looking to swap from a PC. Either way, the following information has been put together in order to offer an insight into why buying a refurbished Mac is a really positive step.

Apple have always approached their marketing strategy and promotion in what can be seen as a really aggressive way. In 1981 when IBM launched their first personal computer, Apple published an advertisement welcoming IBM to the marketplace. This was a clear way of showing their confident approach as market leaders. This feud is considered to be ongoing.

If you are looking for a new iMac or Macbook or even looking to make the move from a PC, the following benefits will hopefully help you towards making that important decision as to which is right for you.

So, if you’re looking for a new computer or are considering making a switch, then you may well be wondering what’s the difference between Mac and PC. We thought we’d focus on 5 key differences - those that might help you with that all-important decision of figuring out which one is right for you.

Our Key Benefits of a Refurbished Mac


This may appear to be the most obvious one. Price is a real driver for those looking to own a Mac but wanting a more affordable alternative. Did you know that on average a Mac should last between 7 to 10 years? This is arguably why their price point is what it is. Macs provide both superior quality and longevity. Furthermore, they are also believed to offer a premium experience.


Some may say that with Apple you don’t have as much choice as other PC manufacturers. However, some believe this to be a positive. There is greater control over the quality and stability of their products.

Apple products are immediately identifiable with their design. Mac computers are lightweight and powerful and offer incredible versatility. You will immediately notice someone using an Apple computer. And no doubt this will leave you intrigued.

Operating System and Software

One key benefit of a Mac, is that their operating system is particularly easy to use. Furthermore, this is offered free. Did you know that the majority of major apps are available on both Windows and Mac? Our refurbished MacBook Pros and iMacs come with a 12 month warranty, a 14 day no quibble returns policy and ongoing customer support. If you’ve got a question about your refurbished Mac then we are here to help. This process is fast, simple and straightforward and you can always come into the shop to discuss any questions. We are particularly proud of our 5 star Trustpilot rating.

This information has been put together to highlight some of the key benefits of buying a refurbished alternative rather than new. You can get a range of high-end Apple products that offer the same superior performance and experience alongside a cost saving. Thinking about the planet? Then this is the option for you as they also offer a lower environmental impact. Got questions? Get in contact today.

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Not Sure Which Mac is Right for You?

David Hardy

When approaching the decision of which Mac is right for you, there are lot of elements to consider. It is important that you invest time in making the right decision. This will offer great reward when you make the right choice. However, the opposite can be said if you make the wrong choice.

We specialise in guiding you through this selection process. This allows you to get to the point where you are confident in your selection. We have created a page solely dedicated to run through the different aspects of purchasing a Mac. However, we realise that it is important to have someone to speak to. You may find enough information and guidance on this page. But if not, call our helpful, informed and professional staff to get that bit of extra guidance needed.

Which Mac?

Our guide is broken down into different users including home/ personal use, school / college use and professional use. Macs have an incredible reputation. A reputation that in some cases can sell an item purely based on this fact. Did you know that all of our MacBooks and iMacs are sold with free next day delivery, 12-month warranty and that we can take your old Mac in part exchange?

Our humble business has an unrivalled passion for refurbishing Macs. This is complimented with a real desire to be the best in our industry through hard work, a professional service and highest-quality products for our customers.

At CheshireMacs, we take great pride in the special bond we build with each client as they embark on their journey with us. It is our privilege to be able to share our knowledge and utilize our expertise to help guide our customers in the right direction.

One of our clients commented:
“Just received my 27" imac. Wow its like a brand new machine. Thank you Dave for all your help on purchasing it. I would highly recommend CheshireMacs. They were so helpful on the phone and on email, nothing was to much trouble. As other people have said why pay high prices when you can get an almost new machine from them.” – Pete Skinner

Our website has a host of information that we hope you find helpful. We are also available in our Wilmslow-based shop. You can always drop in to speak with us if you have any questions, you would prefer ask face-to-face.

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Optimise Storage Space on your MacBook

David Hardy

There are some great tips available on how you can optimise storage space for your MacBook. If you are ever unsure or may need a little support, we are always on hand to offer that. Restored Macs need looking after. It is really important to find ways in which you can best do this routinely to get the most from your MacBook.

How do I Optimise Storage Space?

From the Apple menu button in the corner of your screen, select ‘About This Mac’. This will then give you the option to click on ‘Storage’. This will estimate the amount of both used and available storage space you have available. When this is calculated, it will offer you a visual breakdown in different segments. These will all represent different categories or files.

Optimise Storage Space

From this point, you should click on the ‘Manage’ button. This will open the storage management window which should look like this. To begin optimising storage space for your MacBook, choose from the features such as ‘Store in iCloud’, ‘Optimise Storage’ and ‘Reduce Clutter’.

Optimising Storage Space


Each will take you through options to reduce any unnecessary elements, taking up space on your MacBook. Feeling cleansed? As you go through these options, it is important that you carefully consider how you use your MacBook. Make sure that the programmes and elements that you need are easily accessible.

This is not an exercise in making life harder for yourself. Instead, it is something that you should do routinely to make your MacBook work smarter for you. You can measure your progress (or success) in optimising space by referring back to the amount of ‘available’ space shown.

Need more help? There are also other ways in which you can free up space. Music, movies and podcasts can take up a lot of storage on your computer. Make sure that ones that you do not intend keeping are regularly deleted.

We are not always aware of the files that we have on our computer. Regularly review these to make sure that not needed files and downloads are removed. Don’t forget to empty your recycle bin and keep everything up to date.

Investing a little time into this process will offer you great reward. You will get more from your MacBook, and it will work more efficiently for you. Move unused files to external storage. This is a really smart way of systematically clearing files that you may need to reference but do not need on your MacBook. We offer repairs and servicing on all Macs as well as being an independent Mac seller. Contact us anytime via message or call us on 01625 415 088.

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Looking After your Reconditioned MacBook Battery

David Hardy

There are different terms used for a reconditioned MacBook. Some may refer to it as refurbished but both words mean the same. Essentially it is a more affordable and eco-friendlier alternative to buying new. When you get to know the team at CheshireMacs, you will be instantly assured in our approach and commitment to the success of this process.

Choosing a Reconditioned MacBook

We are here to help. We will listen to what you need, your usage and will guide you to make the right decision that matches your budget requirements. It is important that you feel confident in your selection, so our friendly team are here to help you.

Once you have made your selection, it is important that you are equipped to best look after your MacBook. Battery life is a large part of this, and this information will help you to get the most from your MacBook.

The batteries found in Macs are lithium-ion technology. These have been selected by Apple due to their high-power density and long lifespan. As you will be aware, the effectiveness of any battery is reduced over time. This is why it is so important to be aware of how to take care of your MacBooks battery.

Our Top Tips:

Li-ion batteries are more flexible than other, older batteries. However, it can be affected if left with no charge or full charge for longer periods of time.

  • Regular use is important
  • Try to let your battery complete at least a couple of discharge cycles each week
  • Don’t always plug your MacBook into your AC Adapter (as allowing discharge cycles is important to elongate the battery life)
  • If you are storing your MacBook, make sure it is not left either with zero charge or full charge

Rest assured that keeping on top of this will help your battery life. Setting regular and simple routines from the start is a great idea. Have you got questions about buying a refurbished MacBook? Get in touch today by calling our helpful team on 01625 415088.

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Buying a Refurbished iMac

David Hardy

There are many reasons why you may be looking at buying a refurbished iMac. These reasons are likely to be personal to you. However, whether you are buying for business or personal purposes, a refurbished alternative is a really great one.

Why A Refurbished iMac?

There are many reasons that extend past the point that they cost less to purchase. This is a great advantage to a huge percentage of our customers. However, there are other reasons. All refurbished iMacs and other Apple products are sold with a 1-year warranty. This offers peace of mind and reassurance to our customers.

We are a smaller-scale business. This means that we are passionate about our clients and the service they receive. We realise how important it is to offer the best possible customer service. This comes very naturally to our helpful team. We will always go the extra mile to offer information and advice that will allow you to purchase the best option for you. Your needs will be individual so therefore, it is important that you are confident in how best to choose the right iMac for you.

Our team are meticulous in our approach to refurbishing iMacs. Whether you are looking for a 27” iMac, a 21.5” iMac or a Mac Mini, we have stock to suit your needs. These are available in different screen sizes, and we also sell a range of computer accessories that will really tailor your purchase.

The iMac is known to be one of the best all-in-ones on the market today. It offers incredible versatility. Rest assured that we will have an alternative that will suit your budget and requirements.

One of our clients commented:
“I found CheshireMacs after being recommended and it was truly the best business to come to. I ordered my MacBook and it came a couple days later. The pricing was very good and I’ve received such a good quality product. Customer support was spot on and quick to answer my queries. Even let me change postal address last minute. I highly recommend.” – George Pipe

Get in touch with CheshireMacs today to find out more about how we can help on 01625 415088. We look forward to the opportunity of speaking with you.

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